Code of Business Conduct ("CBC") has been established by the Company to provide a framework for all employees to conduct the business of the Company in an ethical and legal manner. CBC covers areas, which are important for securing good business ethics in all aspects of business activities. They contain specific and practical rules, and set the standards for how individual employees should proceed and behave in their daily work in facing with competition and demands for meeting business objectives. Failure to comply with the CBC will result in sanctions.

CBC applies for all Board members, managers, employees, hired staffs and anyone act on behalf of the Company. CBC provides fundamental guidance that divided into 5 elements, they are :

1. Relation towards Employees
2. Relation towards Customers and Business Partners
3. Relation towards the Shareholders
4. Relation towards Public and Government
5. Relation towards Company's Information

The managerial level employees are purposely required to comply with the high standard of business ethics. They shall be responsible to communicate the CBC all the time to their subordinates.