Board Of Commisioners

Board Of Commisioners

President Commissioner : Meity Tjiptobiantoro
Commissioner : Shinta Widjaja Kamdani
Commissioner : Chandra Natalie Widjaja
Independent Commissioner : Fauzy Ruskam


Vice President Commissioner

Before being appointed as President Commissioner on 15th of February 2008, Ms. Meity Tjiptobiantoro was Vice President Commissioner and Commissioner of the Company since 1997. She has also assumed position as Commissioner of PT Tri Medika Sejahtera since 1996. Her position as President Director in PT Naleda Boga Service has been performed since 1993, and she has also held the position of President Director in Stephanie Dental Clinic since 1998. All of these positions remain until present. She obtained her formal education in Secretary Schoevers, Den Haag - Holland.



Ms. Shinta Widjaja Kamdani, holds a Bachelor Degree from the Barnard College, Columbia University, USA in 1989, and she then studied Executive Education in Harvard Business School, Boston USA. Aside from her position as Commissioner of the Company since 1998 until present, she also manages and supervises several other national companies, such as: PT Menara Duta as Director since 1993, PT Menara Peninsula as Director since 1994, PT Widjajatunggal Sejahtera as Director since 1999, and PT Puncak Mustika Bersama as President Director since 2005. Other than those positions she is also active in nonprofit organizations, such as: Indonesian AIDS Foundation, WWF Indonesia, Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and The Employers' Association of Indonesia.



After receiving her BA degree from Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA in 1987, Ms. Chandra began her career in marketing division of PT Tara Fashion; subsequently creating and developing their retail division. In 1995, she managed PT Tira Pustaka, a family-owned publishing company, with a focus on children's books. Her career returned to fashion and retail industry when she became General Manager of Club 21 Indonesia, a regional office for Club 21 Singapore Pte Ltd in 2005. Club 21 Indonesia has opened 11 stores and counters since it began operations in 2006. As of 2009, Ms Chandra resumed the position of Director, as she was also taking on responsibilities of the family company, PT Penta Widjaja Investindo. Ms Chandra was appointed Commissioner of the Company in April 2009.



Independent Commissioner

Completed his formal education at Akademi Pimpinan Perusahaan - Industrial Department in 1978 and followed MBA Program at Maastricht School of Management since 2000 until 2002. Started his carrier at PT Superior Coach Indonesia in 1974, and then joined a multinational company PT Johnson & Johnson Indonesia for 12 years with last position as Finance Controller Distribution until 1986. He then pursued his career as Finance & Administration Manager in PT Udemco Otis Indonesia until 1987. Mr. Fauzy had been with the Company for more than 20 years, since November 1987 until April 2008, with the last position as Finance Director. Mr. Fauzy was appointed as Independent Commissioner of the Company in April 2009.