Our History & Philosophy

Brief History of The Company

N.V. Handel Bouwen Cultuur Maatschappij Soen Lie, The Widjaja family Rubber Plantation Management and Trading company was established. 

The change of N.V. Handel Bouwen Cultuur Maatschappij Soen Lie into PT Tigaraksa (approved by the Minister of the Indonesian Republic of Justice through decision No. J.A.5/30/6 on March 2, 1960)
The second generation took over and established the holding company. And further separated its business of Sales and Distribution into PT Tigaraksa Satria ("The Company") in 1986.

The Company started it's operation in January 1988 by taking over the distribution unit of PT Tigaraksa (Holding) the founder and once the owner of 100% shares of the Company

The Company listed it's shares on April 21st 1990 in Jakarta Stock Exchange and Surabaya Stock Exchanges (Nowdays recognized as into Indonesia Stock Exchange)

Expansion of the company's activities as it relevantly provided manufacutring services. Opening its facility in Sleman, Jogjakarta

Launching of its new corporate identity, exemplifying excellence in services through focus and expertise

In 100 years PT Tigaraksa Satria, Tbk continues to optimize Growth

Our Vision & Mission


To Succeed and Excel 
as a Market Driven Sales & Distribution Organization


Creating Value to Stakeholders

Core Values


To ensure
we deliver our promise


To ensure
unbiased treatment


To ensure
we always stay current and relevant

Core Competencies


Competencies in knowing the customer and their needs, and committing to deliver quality products and services in fulfilling the customer needs. This applies to internal as well as external customers.


Competencies in building self-credibility through: growing empathy, willingness to give feedbacks, open communication, and also developing connection with others.


Competencies in planning, organizing, analyzing and controlling the flow of products, cash and information in order to produce quality and satisfying outputs for customers.


Competencies to think creatively so that capable of generating new ideas for producing outputs or new-useful solution for customers.


Competencies in creating, utilizing and distributing knowledge in order to generate useful outputs for customers.