Adhi B Supit

Independent Director

Adhi Bertus Supit graduated from Trisakti University, Faculty of Economic and Business, Economic, in 1986.

He started his career as a Management Trainee in PT Borsumij Wehry Indonesia in 1988 with his last duty as a Regional Manager of that prior to joining PT. Tigaraksa Satria, Tbk (“Company”)  in 1994.

His career milestones in Company started with Sales Operation Manager, of which he was served in some major sales position , i,e: Senior Key Account Manager, Regional Sales Manager, GM Process Integrator and Associate Director Sales Operation.

In May 2010, Adhi was appointed as the Company’s Director of Operations until now.

He does not have any affiliation relations with fellow member of Board of Directors or Board of Commissioners nor with the major shareholder.