To Our Shareholders


The Company’s shareholder, you are cordially invited to an Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (“Meeting”) in which shall be held on Tuesday, 28 April 2020.


The call for the Meeting shall be announced in daily newspaper according to  the provision of the Article 11 paragraph 5 Company’s Article of Association, and Article 82 Paragraph 1 and 2 Limited Liability Companies Act Number 40 of 2007 and Article 10 of the Indonesia Financial Service Authority Regulation No. 32/POJK.04/2014 Concerning Planning and Holding General Meetings of Shareholders of Public Limited Companies, on Monday, 6 April 2020.


The entitled attendee for the Meeting shall be the shareholder of the Company (or its proxy) whose name is registered in Company’s Shareholder List on Friday, 3rd April 2020 up until 16.00 Jakarta Time.


Every suggestion from the shareholder of the Company shall be included in the Meeting if they completed the provision in Article 10 Paragraph 9 of Company’s Article of Association and the suggestion must be received by the Board of Director at the latest 7 (seven) days before the  call date.


Jakarta, 20  March 2020

Board of Directors