Herein, The Board of Director cordially invite the shareholders to attend the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (“GMS”), in which shall be held on :


                                Date        : on Thursday, April 30th 2020

                                Time       : 09.00 WIB – end

                                Venue     : Menara Duta, Function Room 4th floor  

                                                 Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav. B-9, Kuningan, Setiabudi, Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta – 12910                                                  *The entitled attendee for the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of the Company (or its proxy) Whose name is registered in Company’s Shareholder List on Tuesday, 7th April 2020 up until 16.00 Jakarta Time.


The agenda of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (“GMS”) of the Company is as follows :


  1. Directors reports on managing the course of the Company for 2019 financial year.


  1. Ratification of the Annual Report for the 2019 financial year and to give a full acquittal and discharge to all members of Board of Commissioners and Directors for their supervising and managing role in the 2019 financial year (acquit et de charge);


  1. Approval on the appropriation of the Company’s net profit and payment dividends to shareholders for the 2019 financial year;


  1. Appointment of Independent Public Accounting Firm for the 2020 financial year and giving the authority to the Board of Directors to determine the honorarium of the Independent Public Accountant as well as other related requirements;


  1. Dismissal and appointment the Board of Director and Board of Commissioners;


  1. Resolving the honorarium of the Board of Commissioners and the remuneration for the Board of Directors for 2020 financial year; and


  1. Amendment to Article 3 of the Company’s Article of Association for the addition of Indonesia Standard Industrial Classification Regulation.



  • The amount of the Participant will be minimized into minimum in consideration with physical distancing in accordance to comply with the prevention of the Covid-19 Protocol;
  • Due to the implementation of the GMS that coincide with Ramadan, the Company will not provide goodie bags or consumption.



Jakarta, April 8th 2020


Company’s Director